Our Team

Get to know the Mountain Lake Family Vet team that will be taking care of your pet!

Meet Our Team

Amy Kranz

DVM, Owner of Mountain Lake Family Vet

I grew up in a small farming town in Michigan, where I learned to love the natural landscape and the wildlife that inhabits it. From a young age, I pestered my parents for pets. They eventually gave in, exposing themselves to the relentless cavalcade of animals that I ended up bringing into their home. From hamsters to rabbits, chickens, and even a duck, I do not think they knew what they had agreed to! After hatching a baby duck in an incubator, I noticed that the baby did not thrive as the chickens had. My mom called the local farm vet to come to the house to take a look. She quickly diagnosed a vitamin deficiency, and by the very next day, the baby duck was doing great. I loved that day how Dr. Schultz spent more time teaching me how to better care for my duck. I really learned that to be a good doctor, you aren’t just helping pets. You are helping the people who love those animals. I graduated from the Ohio State University of Veterinary Medicine in 2004 and practiced in Ohio until 2009 when I moved to Monument. My mentor in Ohio was Dr. Willam Martin, who owned the Animal Medical Center of Springboro. I learned so much working for Dr. Martin; I really credit him for making me the veterinarian I am today. He taught me the importance of doing diagnostic work in-house to give clients rapid responses to their concerns. He taught me to take on challenging cases and made me comfortable seeking help from those who have more experience than I. Most importantly, he taught me how important it is to have a mentor as a young veterinarian, and I have tried to pay that forward for younger vets who have worked with me. I have been working in the Monument area since moving here in 2009. I have worked with a number of great veterinarians and have established relationships with many pet owners in the area. I decided to open Mountain Lake Family Vet because I love this community and want to bring small-town, family-oriented veterinary care to all those that love their furry friends. Every visit is a chance to bring a family a closer bond to their pet and happier life for all.

Katrina Quinn


Dr. Quinn’s decision to become a veterinarian evolved from a lifelong interest in science and nature. With her strong inclination toward the role of caregiver and a passion for animals, veterinary medicine was the perfect fit. In order to start the journey, she attended Colorado State University for her undergraduate training. Afterward, worked there for many years as a microbiological researcher. She later attended the Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Since then, her veterinary training has been focused on feline medicine, as well as assisting in local shelters. She is delighted to be joining the staff at Mountain Lake Family Vet and to meet all of the special pets treated here.

Dr. Quinn is a Colorado native and is originally from Colorado Springs. She was raised in an Air Force family and has lived in several states as well as overseas. She is active in the local ballroom dance and aerial arts community. Other hobbies include reading, crafts, sailing, and theatre. She is deeply devoted to her cat Monster and her dog Jimmy, who was one of her first patients in vet school.